Project Status Board

January 15, 2019 0 By Admiral Wendy

I finally have the project status board complete and organized!  I promised a picture in the previous post once this was complete.

I am happy to say that we didn’t wait for this to be complete before we began working on some of the projects.

Nothing really exciting to report on the two completed items, but the side hull window rebed is underway today!

We have Freudship Marine on board removing and reinstalling the four windows in the side of our boat that do not open.  We noticed several weeks ago there were gaps in the seals and determined we should do some preventive maintenance on these before the seals failed and the windows fell out!  Of course we are having this done on one of the coldest days we have had here in south Florida, so I am wondering about our sanity on the timing!

I expect to have a cold day here with intermittent holes in the side of our boat as they complete the work.  Long sleeves and fuzzy socks is the uniform of the day!

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